About Us

Jam Clothing Company, is the original Christian Urban Streetwear brand! Created in 1999, before it became popular to have a complete Christian brand. In 1992, we stopped running from God's loving pursuit of us, and surrendered to have a loving and fulfilling relationship with God. Having a strong desire to share this new found life with others, God inspired us to start our clothing brand. We never had a passion for the fashion industry, but in the early 90's we had noticed there were a lot of new clothing brands that were representing the Hip-Hop culture, that didn't align with Kingdom culture. In response to that void in having a brand specifically that represented people of faith, Jesus And Me Clothing was birthed in 1999. Our vision  was to provide quality clothing with thought provoking  designs that would empower the believer to share their faith, also engaging those who haven't known God on a personal level to be introduced to him. Although launching in 1999, as it does with many of us, life happened, we had went through a divorce and were turning our focus to our mental health and our kids. God is good, he brought us through that season of life and in 2020 he impressed on us to Re-launch the brand, with a greater focus  on partnering with BELIEVERS to impact-inspire- and influence our culture for Christ and his Kingdom! Our tagline says it all! " Our brand isn't focused on making millions, but reaching millions for Christ's kingdom" Trust us, we are way more than a catchy phrase slapped on a tee! My name is Walter Dodd, I am an ordained minister, husband, father, and grandfather! We are driven to show God's love for humanity through our clothing. We are the brand for the believer!  Making God smile and the Devil Krazy! Thank -you for following us on Facebook @Reppintheking and on Instagram @jamclothingcompany and you will see the difference in our brand! Join the movement today!